Sunday, 16 August 2009

the biggest most out of control Jasmine in the UK? possibly

there's a patio wall 1 meter behind the leaning fence posts, and a boundry fence a further meter behind that. This was one small jasmine plant trained on a hoop that I gave mother around 20 years ago.. its now 12 feet high, and 35 feet long and has killed a leylandii hedge... its a monster. we estimate it to have layered itself maybe 20 times along its length and in places the stems are over an inch thick... half-hardy? yeah ok.

the dangerous steps and undergrowth before clearing. this used to be an amazing patio and garden before Mother lost quite a lot of mobility due to arthritis.

Ill post post-operative pictures once we're finished.. thats if Im not killed by tigers or pigmy tribal warriors beforehand.

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  1. Crikey Matt, thats a huge jasmine!!! Look forward to seeing the patio when you have finished it x