Sunday, 23 August 2009


well Im absolutely exhausted.. finished at mothers today after driving all the way to devon and back yesterday to get the rest of Kerry's things from storage. We took advantage of hiring the van and cleared the non burnable rubbish from mothers patio area.. old CB aerials from when I was a boy! and 2x 17 year old car batteries. Took it all up the tip so its all out the way now thankfully.

I still have alot to do here next week before work starts the week after.. sometime through this I need to try to do some proper planning for teaching as well! who knows when Ill fit that in!

We're going to bed at about 9 every night at the moment.. straight to sleep usually too.

Was nice to sit in the garden with a cup of tea this evening and watch the family of greenfinches having their dinner. The baby is the size of his/her parents now but still not coming into full colour. They disappeared almost entirely during nesting so its lovely to see them back, and in greater numbers. I have a feeling that we shall have very good numbers during the winter.

Some of the baby goldfinches have started to roost on the feeder during the day.. its covered with a rain cowl and under the dense foliage of the smoke bush tree, so they seem to feel quite safe. Its very often you see them perching there just looking around and not eating anything. Its satisfying that they feel safe to do that.

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