Thursday, 20 August 2009

the finished patio

the house looks twice as wide now, not to mention its not as dark as a cave inside any more! Much more sellable now. Most people had been put off by the garden access.. and probably alot of things they didnt realise such as light levels.

we built the patio wall out of stone reclaimed from the garden about 25 years ago, which is when we paved it. Its made of lime and sandstone. Amazingly the pointing was still intact!

Quite proud of my steps really. Not quite finished yet, a little bit of tidying up to do and I want to rebuild a little of the inside edge wall.

This is the jasmine mother planted 20 years ago. the main base of the trunk is about 4 inches thick. I left it in as its quite a feature.

the stonework looks lovely.. even wet

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