Monday, 19 January 2009

amazing morning

You know its going to be a good day when you roll up the lounge blind and see:

9 long tailed tits
3 great tits
1 blue tit
1 goldfinch

all on your feeders at the same time!! Unfortunately, it was still quite low light so the camera wouldnt cope, at least not without a tripod (which I didnt have time to setup!).

Nice to see the LTTs back again after a weeks absence. I was beginning to think theyd moved on as I hear they do in the end. The Great Tits were loving the nut feeder, the sunflower seeds and the fatballs... and squabbling over them as usual. I wonder if theyre territorial like Robins?

The Goldfinch seems to be visiting lots during the day, quite often I look out the window and see him on the same port on the thistle feeder.. he must be loving it all to himself at the moment as his 5 friends still havnt retured. It would be lovely to see them all back again.

The buds on the Cherry tree are swelling quite significantly already.. it looks likely that we wont be here to see it flower this year as were house hunting. This place just isnt big enough for us and we need some garage parking (for the bike!). Wherever we go we'll make sure we have a bird friendly garden though... thats for sure.

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