Sunday, 11 January 2009

the good old first post

after chatting to the lovely people on Garden Bird Supplies forum, I thought that Id start yet another blog!

Ive actually not used a blog for a good while, and I kinda miss it.

Who am I? well, Im a 30 something geek from the middle of Dorset, I'm slightly unusual in that I love all things natural, but also Im a complete nerd when it comes to technology.. to the extent that I teach at Bournemouth and Poole College. I mainly teach web design and networking, but I generally get thrown in on almost anything due to my industry experience. To make the story more complicated, Im also a student at the same College, studying the same course that I teach! yes.. I know.. its complicated! Basically they 'spotted' me early on and have decided not to let me go, so wanted to get me teaching asap.

Anyway... the theme of this blog isn't really me, its my garden!

I have a fairly small garden, situated right in the middle of a market town high street in mid Dorset. This is a summer shot of it.

As you can see, its not much.. its been a labour of love over the last 3 years. When I moved in it was an overgrown mess neglected by all the previous tenants.

The main feature is the Cherry tree at the top of the garden that becomes a blackbird fruit heaven in early summer. This is where my feeders are located as its a little way from the house, but in a position that I can see from the sofa!

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