Sunday, 18 January 2009

Nice to see the sun

It sure was nice to see the sun today, and it wasnt so cold either, sitting about 7C for most of the day. A good day for cleaning the car and the bike.

The seemingly regular Goldfinch visited again this morning, together with a multitude of Great Tits on the sunflower seeds. The Goldie stayed for ages and ages it seemed... they appear to be a very chilled out bird, even staying put when someone walked up the path, not 3 meters from him as he was feeding.

On the way back to the house after cleaning up the bike I stopped under the cherry tree to look at what I think might have been a female Siskin.. Im still not sure, I need her/him to visit again so I can have a good look with the binoculars.. she was way above my head and I couldnt really see.

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