Saturday, 24 January 2009

Crafty Blackbird

I seem to have a blackbird thats not heard that he cant feed from a fatball feeder!! after a few days of trying, and falling off alot, he finally cracked it.

Here he is using an extremely small twig as a perch while he tries to feed bouncing up and down on it! Sharing his breakfast with a LTT on the nut feeder.

He can just about hang onto the feeder itself, but doesnt have much time before Mr. Newton takes over!

I finally got a shot of a lovely Coaltit (i think). He doesnt come often but its always nice to see him.

Today I also spotted what I think was a female chaffinch. But I didnt get the camera out in time to try to get a still shot for ID purposes. Not the first time Ive seen her, so hopefully she'll return.

Managed to get this half decent shot of my regular Goldie too, he/she visits very often through the day now, still only seen one at a time since I put the huge feeder up!! typical huh.. Still, you cant be disappointed with such a beautiful visitor can you?

Having just said that...

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  1. remarkable photo of the blackbird matt, must have been watching the sheppies do it.