Sunday, 3 May 2009


think we had a dunnock this morning! couldnt get a shot as he was way too fast for me. he perched for a short time on the fence and sung a lovely song then flew off. he was jumping around the feeders but not settling on anything... exciting to get a new species.

will try for shots next time I see him


  1. I'm lucky enough to get a dunnock or two just about every day now. I recognise their song: pretty and often quite short. I can often guess from the way they fly as they land: almost seeming to make more than one attempt, compared to a sparrow that is very direct. I'm short sighted and often see them as a silhouette against the sky where they look just like sparrows but binoculars show their thin bill.

  2. Always nice to get a new species visiting the garden. This year is the first time I have seen Dunnocks here. Now a pair often visit, sometimes on the bird table but usually foraging underneath the feeders for any scraps.

  3. well done with the dunnock Matt they are flighty little things I get a few in my garden and think a pair are nesting in my hedge.
    Where you sunbathing on your lawn or just waiting for the great tit?lol

  4. lol I dont know why I was laying on the grass! just happened to be there :)