Tuesday, 26 May 2009

shocking mealworm prices

Ive been doing a bit of interweb research on the cost of mealworms and Im quite shocked at my findings.

Homebase want about £6 for a 1 litre tub, (about 200 grams as I recon)
Haiths want about £4.84 for 100 grams upto £39 for 1kg
GBS want £6.99 for 100g which is by far the most expensive Ive found.

www.wildbirddirect.com are only asking £2.99 per 100 gram upto £16.99 for 1kg.. thats under half the cost of Haiths at the top end and a hell of a lot cheaper than the others also. I was so stunned Ive been looking for the catch from wildbirddirect.. the only one was that theyre giving you a free 10 ltr storage bucket with every 1kg order!

whats up with our suppliers?? I can stand paying more for the RSPB brand at homebase as its going to a good cause, but the others...? Oh, its also possible to get 1kg on ebay for £15.99, so it seems its readily available at those kind of prices. I cant help but feel slightly ripped off with my dead insect lavae needs!!


  1. there is quite a big difference in prices matt, so it is wise to shop around, same goes for the live mealworms, for service and price i don't think LIVE FOODS DIRECT can be beaten.


  2. thanks matt for that info.I am hopeless at working out prices but it is a big difference especially GBS and I have found a place where the sunflower hearts are a lot cheaper too.When you to through a lot of bird food it makes such a difference.

  3. I get dried mealworms from Wilko (£2.49 for 100g) or a local garden centre (Gardman brand £9.99 for 400g discounted from £19.99).

    I also get sunflower hearts from Wilko at £2 for 1kg.

    Off to wildbirddirect now.

  4. Anne Kennedy sells dried mealworms 3kg@£30:00