Sunday, 31 May 2009

Whats flowering in the garden right now!!

Should probably go on my other blog, but its in the garden so its going on here!!!

We have some truly stunning plants in flower at the moment in the garden, heres some of the best right now.

We cant ID this Clematis, so any help appreciated! Flowers are about 6 inches across

Clematis 'Vyvan Pennell'
Clematis 'Vyvan Pennell'. Now fully open! Flowers range from 6-8 inches across and we have 20+.. its breath-taking

Red Rose
We dont know the species ID of this either. Its just come into flower today and its just lovely.. highly scented as well.

Rose 'Peace'
Possibly the best flower macro Ive taken (until the next time!). Rosa 'Peace' Hybrid Tea

This is an amazing rose, full of fire and passion! With 30+ blooms at the moment its really something. Flowers are about 3 inches

Yellow Rose
Posted this before I know, but its still amazing. Upto about 20 blooms now, lightly scented. Very short-lived flowers though, few days and theyre all over.

Honey Bee
No idea what this is! Shrubby habit, flowers last for only a day. Looks anemone like, but is'nt.

God you've got to love summer huh????


  1. Wow, your garden must look stunning, those are beautiful photos, 'Peace' with the water drops is just lovely!

    Thanks for the mealworm post, I have always thought the price of them is ridiculous so it is good to see some comparisons.

  2. I agree with Jan - stunning macro shots, especially 'Peace' with the water droplets.

  3. thanks for your lovely comments as always!! I find them most encouraging

  4. Fantastic, You can almost smell them!