Saturday, 2 May 2009

Some shots in the sun

Just some pics. I sat alot closer today.

Collared Dove
First time Ive seen a Collared Dove in the garden

Thats some mouthful! But then again, hes good at giving everyone a mouthful!

Our Robin 'reg'
Reg looking warn out from chick feeding

The Nuthatch appeared while I was sat out there, was very surprised! Pity the light went at the wrong moment


  1. Just caught up with your last few posts Matt, the photos are beautiful. You have the same model of camera as me but I haven't shot in RAW yet, to be honest it's a bit beyond me, all a bit baffling!

    I would so love to see a Nuthatch in the garden, you are lucky.

  2. love the photos again.Never had a nuthatch in my garden either,will wait patiently.In the raw!!!!!I expect its not what I am thinking ;lol

  3. thankies!

    Songbird, RAW will bring out just what the camera can do, but you need to apply the processing that the camera would normally do at the time afterwards with the software, or in Photoshop. It basically means that the camera doesnt dispose of any data it would normally do in making the processing choices, so you are then able to make those choices yourself and get a much better quality image :)

    the nuthatch was a special treat, its only the 2nd time we've seen him and I just happened to be sat under the tree with the camera!

  4. Lovely shots again Matt. Nice shiny eyes. Never seen a Nuthatch yet but I do have lots of Collared Doves to spare!

  5. Hi Matt,

    Lovely shot of the Collared Dove :-)

  6. Beautiful pics crystal clear and I love the fresh young foliage on the tree