Sunday, 24 May 2009

finally I get time

Its been so busy Ive not had time to post!! whatever next?!

Anyway, yesterday I felt all creative so I decided to build a mealworm feeder for Reg. The suspended one kept getting emptied by the starlings, so hopefully this one will be a bit more robust. I copied the design from the RSPB one, but made it quite alot bigger.

Mealworm Feeder
Im pretty pleased with how it came out!

Reg feeding
Reg took a little while to figure out how to land on it. I purposefully didnt put a perch on it to try to discourage the starlings from it.


  1. hi matt, like the design of your mealworm feeder but in my experiences with the starlings, i found that the only way to keep them out, was to leave a gap at the bottom of 27mm, anything greater than this and they would be in, will send you photo of mine if you want.


  2. yeah I know what you mean.

    I dont mind them in there so much really.. on the suspended one they'd tip it out every time they landed on it, wasting loads, so this'll be better as far as thats concerned.

    it being hidden under the tree has also caused the bigger birds a harder time manoeuvring to get a landing, so thats worked too!

    was fun making it tho, might try sell a few on ebay

  3. clever you,very professional and a great shot of the robin

  4. Looks really good Matt. Let's hope it does the trick. Reg looks pleased enough.

  5. thanks folks :) the great tits have found it this morning as well, which is great!

  6. WOW I'm very impressed what a clever chap you are - you should feel very pleased with yourself Matt!!

  7. thanks Jayne :) Im quite chuffed with it. I made it out of one of those cheap £4.99 shelf packs from homebase so it cost practically nothing. Then treated the timber.