Saturday, 14 March 2009

3 red robins sitting on the fence

while making my tea this morning (god that sounds so english) I had 3 robins all having a bustup over the mealworms in the feeder.. boy what a racket.

During all of this the 3 goldies stuffing their faces on the nyger seed looked on with much amusement while the big fat wood chicken on the multiseed feeder was more wondering what his name was and how he'd come to be there in the first place.

Everyone seems to be zoning in on the nyger seed at the moment.. I caught Mr.Chaffinch, (who still hasnt forgiven me for putting perches on his huge sunflower feeder, )having a good old go at it.. Ive even seen a coaltit feeding on it.. obviously noones told him that his beak is truely the wrong shape and he shouldnt be able to do it!

We have visitors all weekend, so will probably go out on the bikes (motor) tomorrow as its going to be nice.. its a pity in a way, I was looking forward to watching all the birdlife enjoying the sunshine.


  1. that would have made a great photo matt, used to have a 750cc honda (in my younger days)and the first hint of sunshine and we were off, enjoy the ride.


  2. gunna be a lovely day, I just hope everyone wakes up not hung over!! we got rather carried away!