Sunday, 8 March 2009

a windy day

very windy in the garden this morning, feeders blowing about all over the shop.. but lovely sunshine and quite warm.

this morning we've had what I suspect to be the finch flock that came yesterday, which is 3 greenfinches and 2 goldies, they always seem to come in together and leave together. Mr and Mrs chaffinch are never far away and were here most of the time the finches where here.

Mr chaffinch gets a bit tetchy with them as they take his favourite perch at the top.. I think the bigger birds are having trouble getting on the small tit perches of the sunflower feeder, Ill go and buy some dowling to add some nice perches, then hopefully theyll all get on a bit getter.

Mrs Blackcap has also put in an appearance, but no Mr today yet. Its lovely here, we seem to already have a steady stream of birds of all species, far more than at the old house.

I feel rotten today having caught a cold from one of my students. Nightmare, but at least I can just watch the birds and not feel guilty for not doing anything!


  1. I never feel guilty about not doing anything - if I'm watching the birds :)

  2. Hi Matt,

    I've only just 'discovered' you and very pleased to have done so. Looking back through your blog it looks very interesting so I will definitely be back.

    I had to smile at a previous post with a pic of a female Blackcap where you said you had just missed a shot of a male. I had exactly the same thing happen a few days ago.

    It is very windy here too with lashing rain at the moment so not much chance of photos today.

  3. aww hi songbird :) thanks for finding me! its raining here too now, although I just had a greenfinch who was incredibly determined to have his lunch that he was ignoring the fact that his feathers were all facing the wrong way! oh for a decent lens on the camera