Monday, 9 March 2009

Finally, a shot of Mr. Blackcap

He flew in out of nowhere then decided that he'd stretch for the suet feeder rather than grab hold of it. Such a lovely bird! Very excited to see him

Shortly before, Mrs. Blackcap had put in an appearance as well. Shes here alot during the day, almost entirely on the fatballs. She did try to perch on the multiseed feeder I have out for the pigeons, but couldnt work out how to settle on it.

One of the robins also finally found the rehydrated meal worms that I put in my makeshift feeder. I think Ill stick with it as the blackbirds should be able to get in it as well.


  1. Lovely photos Matt. I think Blackcaps are lovely little birds and Robins always look so colourful. By the way, those plant pot saucers do come in handy for birdy things!

  2. thanks for your comment Songbird :)

    yes the saucers are really handy! Im going to get a large one today to make a suspended bird bath, if I can find a hanging basket hanger wide enough!

  3. love the blackcaps a bird I have never had in my garden,,,,,yet