Monday, 9 March 2009

showers and sunshine

Been a lovely morning, despite feeling like death warmed up (why do we say that?) with this cold I caught off one of my students. ( I grrr'd at him via facebook!)

At one point this morning we had:
  • Goldfinch x2
  • Greenfinch x2
  • Chaffinch x2
  • Robin
  • Blackcap (f)
  • Big fat pigeon
  • Coal tit
all at the same time! Which is quite amazing I think in anyone's book.

The squally hailstorm we had a moment ago sent everyone for cover unsurprisingly, including Kiska (our cat) who was sitting in the sunshine watching the birds feeding (she never tries to catch them, or even stalk them).

I'm going to go and get some dowelling today and adapt the big sunflower feeder so more than 2 finches can get on it, when using the tit perch their chest covers the feeding port, so Ill sort that out. I might also put a perch on the suet feeder as well.. anything to try to encourage more species in I think.

Its amazing to think we have these results after only 3 weeks of having the feeders out.. but then again we do have 7 different types of food out for them. Here's a list:
  • Fatballs
  • Suet block (berry and insect flavour)
  • Black sunflower seeds (husked)
  • multiseed
  • peanuts (almost never touched now)
  • rehydrated mealworms
  • Nyger seed
I think variety is the name of the game, and also different perch types/locations.

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