Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Birdy Marital Issues

I think Mr and Mrs Blackcap have had a huge tiff... hes been trying to get to the suet feeder all morning, but when he gets close, she swoops in from nowhere and chases him off! Maybe hes supposed to be looking for nest building material instead of going out for takeaway?! Chores first, berry and insect yum later.

Have had a Goldie here almost all morning.. he/she flies off for about 2 minutes then comes back in again.. Im getting so used to him/her that I can recognise the spot pattern on (oh screw it Ill call it a he) his back against his friend that comes with him in the afternoon.

Other than that one of the robins has been stuffing his face on mealworms, and Mr.Chaffinch seems to have lost confidence in the sunflower feeder since I put the perches on it! Hes now coming to the Nyger seed and the multiseed feeder instead.. no accounting for taste huh. Also had a Greenfinch that seemed to like the ground peanuts that I added to the large sunflower feeder, shes been mixing sunflower seeds and peanuts for a while too.

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  1. Nice, amusing post Matt. I too have noticed the Blackcaps can be quite stroppy with each other....and they look such sweet little birds, oh dear!!