Saturday, 21 March 2009

Busy morning

Well, I finally got the sunflower hearts out and what a great response. Everyone decided theyd like to have a try at it, even the robin. Mr and Mrs Blackcap had a good go before Mrs Blackcap decided to chase her husband off again, boy is she a stroppy so and so.. through the binoculars I could see her, beak open, not 3 inches from his face, screeching at him!! The Greenfinches were all over it too, mrs greenfinch was happy at the top while 2 males seemed to think that each one wanted all 10 feeding ports and the other male shouldnt be there!

such a lot of birds this morning, maybe the cold morning (-2C here) brings them out. I cant think of a better way to start the day than 2 cups of tea watching the little jewels of my garden get on with their morning business.

What a joy this is.


  1. What an excellent way of putting it Matt, glad our temperatures aren't as cold here!!!!

  2. Well done Matt, the hearts really do work like a magnet in our garden. The Greenfinches and Goldfinches constantly scrap over places at the feeders, you will find they are very messy eaters and throw a lot around. It may well cost you a fortune in hearts as it does me, but you are spot on it is a joy to have so much activity in the garden. Happy watching.

  3. The Greenfinches are the no. 1 bullies, the Goldfinches come next.

  4. the Goldies only seem interested in the Nyger seed here, and for some reason not seen them today at all, but then again, Ive been playing bike most of the day.

  5. The sunflower hearts are the very best gem of informations I learned of GBS like you get the finches