Tuesday, 14 April 2009

goldie madness

dont know whats going on with them recently, but we seem to be inundated with Goldfinches.

they seem to have 'flocked up' again, just when youd think theyd have other stuff on their minds!! They come down into the feeder tree anwhere between 2 - 7 individuals at a time, pretty much all day with only minutes between visits. The greenfinches seem to be joining in on the action as well, with sometimes 3 or 4 birds with them. Combined with the blue tits, coal tits, the odd great tit and the robins our place seems to be alot busier recently.

I opened the back door earlier and what had to have been 15 birds all flew out of the tree at the same time, I couldnt believe it. Whether this is due to sunflower hearts I dont know, the Goldies share their time between Nyger and Sunflower hearts almost equally, but do empty our huge 10 port sunflower feeder in fairly short order!

I thought that with the nesting season upon us, things would quieten down as the birds go about nest building and .. er.. other business! Not so it seems.


  1. Sounds like you are getting really good amounts of birds now Matt. I do think it's the sunflower hearts, it was definitely the introduction of those a few years back which brought lots more birds to our garden.

  2. keeping their strength up matt do you think for the arduous task ahead.


  3. The birds are feeding probably because the temperature has been a little low, a bit chilly, they lose alot of body fat during the night trying to keep warm.

  4. its been nice and warm here, even through the dodgy weather. so hopefully this is normal :)