Saturday, 18 April 2009

A pretty good day

more of the same here today. Goldfinch Goldfinch Goldfinch! Here almost all the time now, one flock or the other, or both. When its both its noisy and unsettled! Its also quite amusing when Mr Chaffy comes in and expects everyone to vacate all 10 of his feeder ports... he always gets his way until the Greenfinches come in, and then HE's the one to move.

They seem to be emptying the ginormous feeder once a week, which seems quite fast seeing as its 2 feet long! I tend to keep it topped up though or they get too compacted and fight more than they need to.

The 2 male Robins, 'Rob' and 'Reg' have been at the meal worms since first light, and are still at it now. They take it in turns to fill a beak up, then take it back to their respective nest.. often they appear at the same time and are normally very good at letting one go first before the other moves in.. occasionally though Reg, who is the territory owner it seems sees Rob off, but hes smart, he just waits in the edge of the wood and returns as soon as Reg is gone. Occasionally we've had a third Robin at the same time, but Reg seems to tollerate that one, I think it might be Mrs. Reg? Dont know if the hen will leave the chicks this early or not.

The 2 families of Blackbirds take it in turns as well. They foraige around under the feeders fairly patiently, only once have I seen the 2 males really have a go at each other, and boy did they!

The Great Tits are here far more often of late, we have a pair that always visit together for suit cake, peanuts, fat balls or sunflower hearts.. often they go around all 4 as if they cant make up their minds!

The Blue Tits arent quite so regular, but a pair do visit probably about 10 times a day, it seems to be increasing as the weather warms up and as they get used to all the other birds.

Alan CoalTit (pity hes not a Marsh-tit, then he could be Alan MarshTit!) stopped by frequently today as well, no more burying goods though since that one day, well not that Ive seen anyway.

Mowed the front garden this afternoon and as I speak Mr Blackbird is pulling bits of moss out of the lawn, GO MR.BLACKBIRD! He makes a right mess.. he doesnt take it away for material like youd think, I presume hes just foraiging for grubs underneath it.

Thats been it today, I did go for a 70 mile ride on the bike this afternoon as my other half was dying in bed from possibly the worst hangover Ive ever seen she got at a girly party last night! So I didnt get to watch all day as Ive been doing. Only 2 more days to go and back into College Tuesday, and back to the normal routine.

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  1. You have a good selection of bird visitors there. So far on the Goldfinch front I've managed to attract one pair though I know there are others further up the lane.
    Blackbirds seem to be the worst when it comes to destroying gardens. They throw stuff all over the place, as you say probably looking for grubs. Here they throw out the pebbles that I put in the top of planters to keep the moisture in.