Saturday, 4 April 2009

some spring pics

not posted for a while.. been upto my arms in motorbike grease fixing and servicing.

since we put out the sunflower hearts theyve gone mad. our most common visitor now is the Goldfinches. we have a group of 5 which come in, sometimes all at once but more commonly in 2s and 3s.

heres some pics of recent activity.

Our beautiful Mr Chaffy

Incoming Goldfinch! My perch adaptation to this feeder has made a huge difference to the numbers we get.

They're such a common visitor now, we're very lucky

Mopping up under the sunflower feeder

2 of our 8 large wood chickens. They empty this feeder every 3 days. I fill it with otherwise unwanted food.

Our Greenfinches are spectacular


  1. Gorgeous photos Matt. One thing I do need to improve on and I practice a lot :)

  2. thanks Steve :) in photography youre never as good as you want to be, no matter how good they turn out!! but thats part of the fun I think.

    should be getting a new camera soon, Im very limited by equipment (fnaar fnaar) at the moment.

  3. some smart shooting there matt, like the one flying on to the feeder.


  4. lovely photos Matt that is one huge feeder the goldies are on and the pigeons must be the best fed in your area.

  5. that huge feeder actually broke the branch it was on last night!! I think Im going to shorten it.

    thanks for the comments :) I was sat on the patio with the camera earlier, they dont even care about me now.

    yeah the pigeons are very well fed indeed! quite useful as I have alot of seed noone else wants to eat. after its gone though thats it!

  6. Great photos Matt and that was very ingenious fixing the perches onto the feeders.

  7. Lovely photies there Matt, like Steve I must get some pratice in, I rarely find I'm in the right place at the right time and by the time I've got the camera set up the moment has passed!!