Thursday, 16 April 2009

odd coaly behaviour

watched for ages one of the Coal Tits taking single sunflower hearts and burying them around the roses today.. its nicely loose soil there which I'm guessing is why he chose that spot. Never thought a bird would hide/store seeds.. if that's what he's doing of course!

Thankfully its just hearts so they wont germinate! I've named him Alan.


  1. Hi Matt,
    'Alan's' behaviour is quite normal for a Coal Tit, as you suspected they take and store food to eat later. Fascinating to watch.

  2. lovely to see him doing it :) completely facinating

  3. yes Matt one of the behaviours of the coal tit.
    sadly they have disappeared from my garden

  4. This activity had me puzzled until I found out they were storing food for later. In the Winter I had a couple of Coal Tits continually taking whole Sunflower seeds and flying off with them. I'm hoping for a good show of large yellow flowers around the village!