Monday, 20 April 2009

new clear feeder trays

Went to the garden centre again today and found some lovely clear plastic plant pot trays for a very expensive £1.99. So Ive redone my feeder trays and the hanging birdbath. I think they look alot better!

New trays
looks much nicer I think, its also a bit wider too which will help alot!

New trays
The bird bath seems really popular, we have a free standing one too but they dont use that!

Great Tit
Just a shot of one of our lovely Great Tits, noisy buggers they are

A lovely inherited Geranium, not seen one this colour before


  1. it's great to be able to see other peoples ways and means of helping to feed and water their birds, well done matt.


  2. does look better the clear plastic will be trying to find some the next time I go out.Agree about the geranium,lovely deep colour great shots too

  3. the trays came from Haskins if you have any near you :) made by Sankey

    thanks for your comments as always :)

  4. What a clever chappie you are Matt, you've certainly saved yourself some pennies!!!

  5. aww thanks Jayne :)

    interestingly, Ive found an online supplier of these clear drip trays.

    they do the 9" ones I have, down to 6"

    personally I think they look better than the proper jobs you can buy and I think theyd work better as they have a wider lip and the birds can get right in them and still not chuck the seed out the side.

    Ive saved at least 1/3rd the seed using this idea!

  6. Great trays! I improvise my own too but the marg lids are a bit flimsy for all but the smallest birds and aren't as deep. I envy your great tit too - I never get them here!

  7. A good idea Matt. Some birds seem to be choosy and throw away more seeds than they eat. Then there is the spillage when the feeder sways in the wind. 9 inch trays should catch a lot of that.

  8. they catch amazing amounts, not only saving cash but saving the grass underneath!! The birds are also very fond of feeding in it, some find it easier.. especially the robins