Tuesday, 14 April 2009

young robin?

really odd, but for the 2nd time weve seen what Im sure is a juvenile robin. He didnt stay long enough for a picture though. Isnt it a bit early yet for young birds to be about? hes old enough to like the suit feeder and the meal worms it seems.

edit: after looking through my RSPB book, Im not sure now that its a young robin, its markings and colourings are much more like a lesser Redpoll.. Im going to need the little bugger to pose for a photo to be more sure!


  1. hope you get a photo Matt,it does seem early for a fledgling robin mind but then again I am not anywhere near being knowledgable

  2. It does seem a bit early Matt, but you never know. I'm dying to see a photo now!

  3. probably a bit too early but stranger things have happened.